FtB9 Launch Estimate......?

(´_`;)Yeah, we're going with the fallback deadline.
・・・ but hey look over there it's luffystar93's FtB2 instance!

List of External FtB2 Installations
http://ftbb2.chagnonmaxime.fr/ (luffystar93)

FeeltheBeats is a rhythm game.
It works in your web browser [Chrome,Firefox,Safari,etc.].
We have a forum, but it requires an account: /boards/
We have a subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FeeltheBeats/
Here's some of our history: /timeline/
Here's a summary of what we're waiting for: /zzz/

FtB9 is the latest version of FtB.
FtB9 is still in development.
Below, you'll find a screen recording and releases.

FtB9 Gameplay Sample Video (9m:46s)

FtB9 Releases
FtB9 #10
• Now using FtB6's visual design.
• Lane color hookups available.
• Reset, hop, jump key triggers available.
• Fixed one particular bug with measure lines preventing any from displaying.
FtB9 #9
• Default preferences are now in a file, included with the package.
• Can specify a remote preference file as a GET parameter: "prf".
• Can specify a chart to load with a GET parameter: "chr".
FtB9 #8
• Game-frame now centered.
• Chart table now supports charter names.
• Key-binding interface revamped. Now in line with moonlight specification. Now using Smart-FPS.
• Game-frame play/pause hooked up. [!] Game-frame is paused by default.
• Left side selector removed. [!] Use bottom left button and "esc" keyboard key.
FtB9 #7
• Sliders no longer use GPU when in stasis.
• Note offset now has an icon.
• Display bug in hannanos's mod fixed. Everything after judgement was incorrectly titled "PERFECT".
• Note width and height sliders added.
FtB9 #6
• Scroll speed option slider.
• Volume option slider.
• Introduction of the FtI image file format - simple icon images for less than 100 Bytes.
• Introduction of a means to locally load files, circumventing local CORS restrictions.
FtB9 #5
• Tabs and sheets (organization | game-frame performance boost).
• Made 11K look decent with assigned keys and colors.
FtB9 #4
• Made chart parser more format-flexible.
• Made chart table prettier.
FtB9 #3
• Greatly extended network timeout, Google Drive can take several seconds.
FtB9 #2
• Added standard FtB 7K colors to game-frame.
• Fixed/Eliminated double sized text on 1pxd screens.
FtB9 #1
• First version.

Other Versions
Here is information about FtB575: https://github.com/sliceofcake/FtB575
Here is the latest build of FtB575: https://feelthebeats.se/575/edit/
Here's a historical build, FtB2: https://feelthebeats.se/2/
Here's the code behind FtB2: https://feelthebeats.se/gomi/FtB2Package.zip (2.4MB)
Here's fortepiano, a.k.a. FtB6: https://feelthebeats.se/6/